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Vittorio Palmisano
Eng, PhD
Dipartimento di Elettronica ed Elettrotecnica (DEE), Politecnico di Bari, ITALY
Tel: +39 080 596 3851
Email: vpalmisano at gmail dot com
OpenPGP public key: 0x3B725CE2
Short CV

Vittorio Palmisano has graduated in Computer Science Engineering in June 2006 (Politecnico di Bari) magna cum laude with thesis: "Control algorithms for multimedia applications". He received the PhD in Information Engineering in April 2010 from Politecnico di Bari.

He has been working at the Politecnico of Bari on the research theme: "Analysis of advanced congestion control techniques on Internet" from July to December 2006.
Research topics
Developing interests
  • Tools for distributed network monitoring and shaping.
  • Gstreamer based client/server network application for multimedia content delivery.
  • Web applications programming with Python, Twisted, Django and ZOPE/Plone.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) programming with open source libraries (GTK, QT).
  • Programming on Android platforms.
  • Embedded programming on Freescale IMX platform.
  • Embedded programming on FreeRTOS platform.


  • Luca De Cicco, Vito Caldaralo, Vittorio Palmisano, Saverio Mascolo
    TAPAS: a Tool for rApid Prototyping of Adaptive Streaming algorithms
    Proc. of ACM VideoNext Workshop, Sydney, Australia, December 2014 (PDF)


  • L. De Cicco, V. Caldaralo, V. Palmisano, and S. Mascolo
    ELASTIC: a Client-side Controller for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)
    Packet Video Workshop 2013, San Jose, CA, USA, December 2013 (PDF) (Slides:PDF)


  • L. De Cicco, S. Mascolo, V. Palmisano
    Feedback Control for Adaptive Live Video Streaming
    ACM Multimedia Systems, San Jose, CA, Feb 23-25,2011 (PDF)
  • L. De Cicco, S. Mascolo, V. Palmisano
    Skype Video Congestion Control: an Experimental Investigation
    Computer Newtorks, Elsevier, vol. 55, n.3, pp. 558-571, 2011 (PDF)


  • L. De Cicco, S. Mascolo, V. Palmisano
    A Mathematical Model of the Skype VoIP Congestion Control Algorithm
    Conference on Decision and Control 2008, March, 2008 (PDF)
  • L. De Cicco, S. Mascolo, V.Palmisano
    Skype Video Responsiveness to Bandwidth Variations
    NOSSDAV '08, Germany, May, 2008 (PDF)
  • L. De Cicco, S. Mascolo, V. Palmisano
    An Experimental Investigation of the End-to-End QoS of the Apple Darwin Streaming Server
    Wired/Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC) 2008, to appear, May, 2008 (PDF)


  • L. De Cicco, S. Mascolo and V. Palmisano
    An Experimental Investigation of the Congestion Control Used by Skype VoIP
    WWIC 2007, Coimbra, Portugal, ISBN 978-3-540-72694-4, Lecture Notes in Computer Science,Publisher Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, May 2007 (PDF) (Slides:PDF)