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Experimental Implementation

In this page we release experimental linux kernel patches which should become officially included in the official kernel tree later.

Patch for linux kernels (2006/05/24)

(12 June 2006) The patch has been accepted and applied in the GIT tree. It will be available in next linux kernel relesases since 2.6.18

(06 June 2006) The patch has been applied and included in the 2.6.18-rc1 release of the kernel. You can see the Changelog here.

Download: tcp_westwood_2.6.16.18_fixes.patch

The patch applies to 2.6.16 kernels and it has been tested in 2.6.15 kernels too. This patch fixes a bug in the first bandwidth estimation and adds some feature and improvements:

  • RTT_min is now updated each time a timeout event occurs (in order to cope with hard handovers in wireless scenarios)
  • The bandwidth estimate filter is now initialized with the first bandwidth sample in order to have better performances in the case of small file transfers.

Patch for Web100 2.5.10 (2006/05/24)

Download: web100_tcp_westwood_2_6_16.patch

Applies to 2.6.16 kernels patched with the 2.5.10 release of web100. This patch enables logging the End to End estimated bandwidth using web100.

NB: The patch applies cleanly to kernel.

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