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NS-2 Implementation

Ns-2 modules of Westwood+ TCP with the New Reno feature (ns2.1b9a version) are available.

In order to patch your ns2 you have to:

  1. Download the files tcp-westwood-nr.cc and tcp-westwood-nr.h (last update 23 June 2003)
  2. Edit the file Makefile.in so that it compiles and links the new module (i.e. add tcp-westwood-nr.o anywhere in the OBJ_CC variable, for example near the other TCP related modules like tcp-newreno.o or tcp-vegas.o). You can find the Makefile.in file under the main NS-2 directory
  3. Add the contents of this file to ns-default.tcl and recompile ns2.

You can also download all the requested files clicking here.

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