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Essential papers on TCP Westwood+


  • Saverio Mascolo, Francesco Vacirca
    The effect of reverse traffic on TCP congestion control algorithms
    Protocols for Fast Long-distance Networks, Feb. 2006 (PDF)
  • Luca De Cicco, Saverio Mascolo
    TCP versus TFRC over wired and wireless Internet scenarios: an experimenal evaluation
    NEW2AN 2006, January 2006 (PDF)


  • S. Mascolo, F. Vacirca
    Congestion Control and Sizing Router Buffers in the Internet
    IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Sevilla, Spain, December 2005
  • S. Mascolo, F. Vacirca
    Issues in Performance Evaluation of Next TCP Stacks in High Speed Networks
    2005 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS'05), July 2005 (PDF)
  • S. Mascolo, G. Racanelli
    Testing TCP Westwood+ over Transatlantic Links at 10 Gigabit/second rate
    Third International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks, Ecole Normale Superieure, Lyone, Fance, February 3,4 2005 (PDF)


  • L. A. Grieco and S. Mascolo
    Performance evaluation and comparison of Westwood+, New Reno and Vegas TCP congestion control
    ACM Computer Communication Review, Vol. 34(2), April 2004 (PDF)
  • A. Dell'Aera, L. A. Grieco and S. Mascolo
    Linux 2.4 Implementation of Westwood+ TCP with rate-halving: A Performance Evaluation over the Internet
    IEEE International conference on Communication (ICC 2004), Paris, June 2004 (PDF)


  • L. A. Grieco and S. Mascolo
    End-to-End Bandwidth Estimation for Congestion Control in Packet Networks
    Quality of Service in Multiservice IP Networks, II Int. Workshop, QoS-IP 2003, Milano, Italy, February 2003 (PDF)


  • L. A. Grieco, S. Mascolo
    TCP Westwood and Easy RED to Improve Fairness in High-Speed Networks
    IEEE/IFIP Seventh International Workshop on Protocols For High-Speed Networks (PfHSN'2002), Berlin, Germany, April 22-24 2002 (PDF)


  • Saverio Mascolo, Claudio Casetti, Mario Gerla, M. Y. Sanadidi and Ren Wang
    TCP Westwood: Bandwidth Estimation for Enhanced Transport over Wireless Links
    ACM Mobicom 2001, Rome, Italy, July 16-21 2001 (PDF)