Adaptive Live Video Streaming

Adaptive live streaming represents a key advancement with respect to classic progressive download streaming such as the one employed by YouTube. With adaptive streaming the video source bit-rate is automatically adapted in real-time to match the time-varying bandwidth available to the user who can experience the maximum quality.

Cisco Award

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Cisco Award 2013 Funded by "Cisco University Research Program" managed by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

  • Principal investigator: S. Mascolo
  • Title: Architecture for Robust and Efficient Control of Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP.
  • March 2013

The following videos are distributed by employing a prototype implementation of the control algorithm described in the paper:

  • L. De Cicco, V. Caldaralo, V. Palmisano, and S. Mascolo
    ELASTIC: a Client-side Controller for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)
    Proc. of Packet Video Workshop 2013, San Jose, CA, USA, December 2013 (PDF) (Slides:PDF)

The video source is adapted by following the stream-switching (or multiple bit-rate) approach: the video source is available at different bit-rates and resolutions and a controller switches from one video version to match the available bandwidth while avoiding playback interruptions and re-buffering events. The figure below shows the architecture of the adaptive video streaming service that we have designed.

Adaptive Streaming Architecture

Big Buck Bunny (4K) with ELASTIC Adaptive Streaming