Control of Computing and Communication Systems Lab

The Control of Computing and Communication Systems lab focuses on the analysis and control of network systems. Example of applications are: adaptive video streaming, Web real time communication WebRTC, control and orchestration of CDN, Server overload control, SIP overload control, TCP congestion control. Control of such systems involves: non linear control, switching control, time-delay system control, optimal control, robust control.
Research Projects
  • "LOw-delay congestion control for REal-time applications over the iNternet" - "Funded by NextGenerationEU"
  • "a Cloud-based pLatform for Immersive adaPtive video Streaming (CLIPS)" - Funded by MISE (2017-2020)
  • "Congestion control algorithm for Web real-time communication (WebRTC)." - Google Faculty Award 2014
  • "Progetto PAC MAIVISTO (Massive Adaptive Video STreaming over the Internet Using the Cloud)" - Funded by MIUR (2014-2016)
  • "Architecture for Robust and Efficient Control of Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP." - Cisco Academy Research Award (CG #574954) March 2013.
  • "PLATform for INnOvative services in future internet" PON PLATINO, 2012-2015, funded by MIUR
  • "RES Novae" (Reti, Edifici, Strade - nuovi obiettivi virtuosi per l'ambiente e l'energia), 2012-2015, funded by MIUR
  • "End-to-end protocols for video over IP", 2008-2009, funded by Financial Tradeware plc
  • "End-to-End protocols for audio/video over Internet protocol", 2005-2006, funded by Financial Tradeware plc
  • TCP Westwood+ This protocol was an outcome of the TANGO project
  • Cost 290
  • WIP (Wireless Internet Protocol)


2018 January

Saverio Mascolo has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow for contributions to modeling and control of congestion in packet networks.

2016 May

We got the best student paper award at the MMSYS 2016 conference for our work:

  • G. Cofano, L. De Cicco, T. Zinner, A. Nguyen-Ngoc, P. Tran-Gia, and S. Mascolo
    Design and Experimental Evaluation of Network-assisted Strategies for HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming
    Proc. ACM Mmsys 2016, Klagenfurt, Austria, May 2016 (PDF)
2015 June
  • S. Holmer, H. Lundin, G. Carlucci, L. De Cicco, and S. Mascolo
    A Google Congestion Control Algorithm for Real-Time Communication
    IETF draft RMCAT wg, draft-alvestrand-rmcat-congestion-03, Jun 2015 (Web: Link)
2014 August

Faculty award Google Faculty Award 2014 for designing a congestion control algorithm for real-time communication within the WebRTC framework to enable video conference among Web browsers.

  • Principal investigator: S. Mascolo
  • Title:Congestion Control for Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC)
  • Press coverage: Link

2013 March


Cisco Award 2013 Funded by "Cisco University Research Program" managed by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.This proposal aims at designing a robust, efficient and scalable control system for adaptive (live) video streaming over the best-effort Internet.

  • Principal investigator: S. Mascolo
  • Title : Architecture for Robust and Efficient Control of Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming over HTTP.

2013 March

In this paper, we present a model of the automatic video stream-switching employed by Akamai along with a description of the client-side communication and control protocol. From the control architecture point of view, the automatic adaptation is achieved by means of two interacting control loops having the controllers at the client and the actuators at the server: one loop is the buffer controller, which aims at steering the client playout buffer to a target length by regulating the server sending rate; the other one implements the stream-switching controller and aims at selecting the video level. A detailed validation of the proposed model has been carried out through experimental measurements in an emulated scenario (IEEE explore link).

  • L. De Cicco and S. Mascolo
    An Adaptive Video Streaming Control System: Modeling, Validation, and Performance Evaluation
    IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking, April 2014 (PDF)